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Proactive Low Flow Sampling Controller

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Low Flow Sampling Controller is engineered specifically for the Cyclone, Mini-Typhoon, Typhoon, Tempest, Twister and Mini-Monsoon. This controller will not work with the Super Twister. With the Low Flow Sampling Controller the user can precisely control the water discharge with the turn of a knob. The Low Flow Sampling Controller is used to achieve low flow sampling as low as 40ml/min. in accordance to EPA field sampling guidelines.

Low Flow Sampling Controller for Pro Active Pumps

Simply hook the controller to a car battery and connect the pump to the controller. Set dial to low, turn on device and then increase the flow to the desired flow rate.

• Heavy duty steel weatherproof case
• Low voltage disconnect at 11 volts (turns off controller at 11 volts to let user know that battery voltage is low and needs charging)
• 15 amp and 25 amp"safety" fuse to protect electronics and user.Outstanding warranty: Includes 6 months parts and labor
• Low flow sampling dial with convenient on/off switch
• Three foot wire lead to battery clamps and three foot wire lead to pump connector
• Steel handle for comfort and control

Ordering Information:
PA-10800 Proactive Low Flow Sampling Controller