PCTestr 35; PTTestr 35

PCTestr 35 Measures pH / Conductivity / Temperature ; PTTestr 35 Measures pH / Total Dissolved Solids / Temperature

Measure pH, Conductivity/TDS and Temperature with one handy pocket-size tester! Quick, accurate and easy to use, the Testr 35 series is made for applications such as hydroponics, aquaculture, and all other low to medium range water analysis on-the-go.

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• One sensor measures 3 parameters – no need to switch sensors for different measurements
• PCTestr 35 measures full pH scale and dual-range Conductivity of up to 20.0 mS/cm
• PTTestr 35 measures full pH scale and dual-range TDS of up to 10.00 ppt
• Up to 5-point pH calibration and 2-point Conductivity/TDS calibration
• Adjustable TDS factor (0.40 to 1.00) and Temperature Coefficient Feature (0.0 to 10.0 % per °C)

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PCTEST35 Waterproof PCTestr 35
PTTEST35 Waterproof PTTestr 35

PCSENSOR Replacement pH/Conductivity/ Temperature Sensor



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