EC400 ExStik II Conductivity Meter

4-in-1 multi-range sensor for measuring Conductivity, TDS, Salinity and Temperature

Waterproof meter with one high accuracy multi-range sensor that measures four parameters Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and Temperature

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• Auto-ranging meter offers 3 ranges of measurements from tap water to wastewater and any aqueous solution requiring a conductivity, TDS or Salinity measurements
• Units of measure include μS/cm, mS/cm, ppm, ppt, mg/L, and g/L
• Adjustable Conductivity to TDS ratio factor from 0.4 to 1.0 — conveniently calculates the TDS value
• Large 3-1/2 digit (2000 count) Digital display with analogue bar graph to indicate sample trends
• Data Hold, Auto Power Off and low battery indication
• Automatic Temperature Compensation of 2% per °C
• Simultaneous display of Conductivity, TDS, or Salinity plus Temperature
• Internal memory stores up to 25 labelled readings for easy recall
• Self calibration of electronics on power up
• Easy to replace Conductivity cell module
• Waterproof design to withstand wet environment – meets IP57 standard

EC400 includes meter and Conductivity cell*, protective sensor cap, sample cup with cap, four CR2032 button batteries, and 48″(1.2m) neckstrap. Order Conductivity standards separately

Optional EC410 kit includes EC400 ExStik® II Conductivity/TDS/Salinity/Temperature Meter, with sensor, protective cap, 84μS/cm, 1413μS/cm and 12880μS/cm calibration standards (30mL bottle each), weighted base, 3 sample plastic cups with caps, four 3V CR-2032 button batteries, 48″ (1.2m) neckstrap, and carrying case

Ordering Information:
EC400 ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Meter
EC410 ExStik® Conductivity/TDS/Salinity Kit
EC405 Spare Conductivity Cell
EX006 Weighted base with 5 solution cups
EX007 Spare sample solution cups (24pk)
EC-84-P 84μS Conductivity Standard (2 bottles – 1 pint each)
EC-1413-P 1413μS Conductivity Standard (2 bottles – 1 pint each)
EC-12880-P 12880μS Conductivity Standard (2 bottles – 1 pint each)
CA895 Small vinyl carrying case with belt loop
CA903 Carrying case for ExStik™ kit
EX010 Extension Cable, 3ft (1 Meter) with probe weight for ExStik
EX050 Extension Cable, 16ft (5 Meters) with probe weight for ExStik



Weight 2 kg
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