Greenspan pH3000 pH Sensor- Superceded by MP Series

Greenspan pH3000 Logger and SDI-12 pH Sensor

The Greenspan pH3000 is a complete self contained pH measurement and data logging system for monitoring of pH in a wide variety of environmental applications.

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The sensor utilises a robust gel filled pH electrode together with optical isolation and advanced signal conditioning to ensure long term accurate data. The sensor also features a field replaceable electrode to further improve long term performance and reduce field visits.

The internal data logger provides long term data collection at remote sites, and options for remote telemetry connection. The Sensor can be fitted with an external cable, or with an on board battery pack for true stand alone operation. Other cable options can provide serial output in SDI12 format for connection to external Data Loggers or process controller.

The sensor is ideal for use in environmental water monitoring applications, including tidal and estuary monitoring. A durable acetal body with double O ring design ensures suitability for the harshest environment applications.

The pH3000 sensor is easy to configure and provides a reliable solution for long term monitoring.

* Field replaceable gel filled pH electrode
* Optically isolated signal conditioning electronics
* Internal temperature compensation
* Low power energy requirements
* Optional battery pack for true stand alone operation
* Telemetry communication options
* SDI12 cable adaptor unit for connection into data logger or controller.

* High reliability and minimal field servicing means lower costs
* Operation for up to 12 months at a remote site
* Internal Data Logger means no wiring, easy configuration and lower cost
* Easy data collection using a PC with Windows software.

* Monitoring of streams and rivers, lakes and urban waterways
* Water quality studies and catchment management
* Water supply storage including stratification studies
* Water and wastewater treatment monitoring
* Groundwater analysis and monitoring
* Tidal, estuary and oceanographic monitoring.

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Greenspan pH3000


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