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Greenspan EC350 Electrical Conductivity Logger (DISCONTINUED)

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Greenspan Electrical Conductivity Sensors use state of the art toroidal measuring system. Microprocessor technology provides accurate temperature compensated measurements. The EC sensor uses an electromagnetic field for measuring conductivity. The black plastic head contains two ferrite cores configured as transformers within an encapsulated open ended tube. One ferrite core is excited with a 10 KHz sinusoidal voltage which generates an electromagnetic field that surrounds both ferrite cores. The degree of coupling between the cores is inversely proportional to the resistivity of the coupling medium.

Greenspan Electrical Conductivity Logger EC350

The Greenspan Analytical Electrical Conductivity Sensors provide highly accurate conductivity measurements in a wide range of hydrological applications.

• STP aeration tanks
• Borehole observations
• Tidal and estuarine studies
• Effluent monitoring
• River and stream measurements

Standard EC Range options:

Warm up time to stable reading 1 sec
EC accuracy, normalized to 25C 1% over range 0-30C
EC accuracy, non-normalized 0.2%

Linearity Temperature 0.1% EC 0.2%
Temperature accuracy +/10.1C

Dimensions ( L x O.D.) 442mm x 47mm
Weight S/S - 1.76kg / Delrin - 690g

Supply voltage 8-27V Reverse polarity protected-Surge protected to 2kV

Wetted materials Delrin, 316 stainless steel, acrylic


Ordering Information
Specify Stainless or Delrin body
700-0422 EC350 As EC250,but also includes additional electronics for large capacity data storage, advanced calibration and linearisation program, computer compatible outputs for direct connection between sensor and PC, time and event triggering. Output is RS232. If choosing moulded cable, a standard HS7 is fitted to thissensor.

Options for EC Sensors
FOR ALL EC SENSORS Optional WP7 Connector (Note a Detachable WP7 Cable will be required as well)
FOR EC350 ONLY Optional Battery Pack with WP7 (Note a Detachable WP7 Cable will be required as well)
FOR EC350 ONLY Optional Battery Pack with internal Communications connector
FOR EC350 ONLY Optional Battery Pack with cable
5BPK-102 Battery Pack Cell Replacement Kit
FOR EC350 ONLY CX18 Connector - required for use with sampler trigger and rain gauge input