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NitraLED-Nitrate Exo Sensor

Changing Nutrient Monitoring Forever EXO NitraLED is the world’s most accessible UV Nitrate sensor, built with state-of-the-art LED technology, for long-term nutrient monitoring. With seamless integration into any EXO Sonde, this sensor simplifies and reduces the cost of unattended nitrate monitoring for point and non-point source pollution in freshwater environments.

Powerful Technology

EXO NitraLED employs two UV LEDs for measuring nitrate + nitrite absorbance while compensating for interference from natural organic matter. The absorbance is proportional to the concentration of Nitrate as Nitrogen. The EXO Turbidity Sensor is used for real-time turbidity compensation


Nutrient Monitoring

Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

With recent advances in UV-LED technology, YSI has produced an optical Nitrate sensor in a compact form-factor that fits in the palm of your hand. This enables the sensor to fit in the existing EXO bulkhead without need for any modification. All EXO probe guards and flow cells still work with EXO NitraLED.


Required Products

EXO NitraLED is compatible with all other EXO Smart Sensors and accessories. Along with those existing components, we are releasing two new accessories to help with long-term monitoring. The first is a Sensor Alignment Ring designed to hold the sensors tightly together and minimize any movement during cleaning. The second is a new Wiper Brush designed for use specifically with EXO NitraLED. This brush installs on your existing Central Wiper and cleans all of your EXO sensors as well as the Nitrate sensing window


Ordering Information

EXO NitraLED UV Nitrate Sensor for Freshwater Environments

608090 EXO NitraLED Kit includes necessary Alignment Ring and Wiper Brush for EXO2 and EXO3 installations.

608040 EXO NitraLED Sensor includes only the sensor for use in EXO1 sampling applications.