EXO Nitrate Sensor

The nitrate sensors use a silver/silver chloride wire electrode in a custom filling solution. The internal solution is separated from the sample medium by a polymer membrane, which selectively interacts with nitrate ions. When the sensor is immersed in water, a potential is established across the membrane that depends on the relative amounts of ions in the sample and the internal solution. This potential is read relative to the Ag/AgCl reference electrode.

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EXO probe with replaceable head that houses electrolyte reservoir that can be easily replaced at minimal cost to the customer.

Unguarded Probes cleaned automatically in EXO2 Sondes with wiper.

Longer maintenance interval and improved response time due to preamp design. Operational amplifier in probe head that electrically isolates the high impendence signal in the probe head from the low impendence interconnect.

The tip should only be removed when being replaced with a new probe head.

Nitrate Specifications (freshwater only)
Range 0 to 200 mg/L (0 to 30˚C)
Accuracy ±10% of reading or 2 mg/L-N, w.i.g.
Response T63<30 sec
Resolution 0.01 mg/L

Ordering Information:
599709 EXO guarded nitrate sensor

Weight 2 kg
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