EXO fDOM Sensor

Fastest and easiest means of tracking DOM in natural waters

The EXO fDOM (Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter) sensor is a fluorescence sensor which detects the fluorescent component of DOM (Dissolved Organic Matter) when exposed to near-ultraviolet (UV) light. Users might wish to quantify coloured dissolved oxygen matter (CDOM) in order to determine the amount of light which is absorbed by stained water and thus is not available for the photosynthesis process carried out by subsurface aquatic plants and algae. In most cases, fDOM can be used as a surrogate for CDOM.


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The eXo fDOM sensor is a single channel fluorescence sensor. The sensor detects the fluorescent component of DOM (Dissolved Organic Matter).

The measure of fDOM is commonly referred to as CDOM for chromophoric or coloured organic matter but we choose to use fDOM because it is a more specific descriptor of the sensor and differentiates it from other measures of CDOM such as absorption. The fDOM sensor uses a UV LED for excitation (370nm) and detects the fDOM fluorescence at 460nm. The sensor is extremely sensitive and provides quality data on the relative change in fDOM concentration over time and/or space.

fDOM Specifications
0 to 300 ppb Quinine Sulfate equivalents (QSE)

Linearity: R2 > 0.999 for serial dilution of 300 ppb QS solution
Detection Limit: 0.07 ppb QSE

T63<2 sec

0.01 ppb QSE

Ordering Information:
599104-01 EXO fDOM Sensor, Ti “EXO fDOM Sensor, Ti
– AKA CDOM or UV Fluorometer
– Incorporates wet-mate connector and sealed welded titanium design”

Weight 1 kg
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