ProODO Handheld Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Digital Professional Series Handheld Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Meter


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Discontinued at end of December 2018 – Replaced by YSI ProSolo


The new ProODO provides traditional YSI quality in a handheld dissolved oxygen instrument with luminescent optical dissolved oxygen (DO) technology. The ProODO utilises “smart” digital sensor technology which stores calibration data within the sensor. This allows probes to be placed on any ProODO instrument without re-calibration. YSI ODO technology reduces the time required calibrating and maintaining sensors while utilizing a user replaceable sensing element that requires approximately an annual replacement. There are no electrodes to clean or solutions to change. Based on usage, calibrations can be stable for up to one year and are stored in each sensor.

The YSI ProODO handheld DO meter provides extreme durability for the measurement of optical, luminescent based dissolved oxygen for any field application.

Field Worthy
The ProODO instrument meets the demands of true field work. The instrument is rated to IP-67 standards even without the battery cover on. In-house testing procedures also include 1-metre drop tests from all angles to ensure expected field-durability. Other tough features include:

• 3-year instrument warranty and a 2-year cable and probe warranty
• Military Spec (MS) connectors
• Rubber over-moulded case
• Field tested cables
• Rugged, weighted probe guard
• Versatile

The instrument provides versatility with numerous benefits from the following features:

• 2,000 data-set memory
• Expanded DO range of 0-500% (0-50 mg/L)
• Fits standard 300 mL BOD bottle in the lab
• Password protection
• Backlit display and keypad
• Graphic display with detailed Help visible with polarised sunglasses
• Detailed GLP data
• Multiple languages
• 100 folders and site lists for logging data with user defined fields

Connect any length cable and probe to the ProODO digital series instrument and use the convenient cable management kit to keep everything simple and organised. Convenient features include:

Cable options from 1- to 100-meters including a cable management kit on 4-metre and longer cables.

Digital based sensors hold calibration data and allow you to easily connect to any ProODO instrument
• USB and communication saddle included
• Soft and hard-sided carrying cases
• Flow cell
• Cable weight
• Belt clip
• Tripod

Data Manager Software – Free!
Data management can become a daunting task over time but with the Data Manager software this task is much simpler and efficient. Download data, configure instruments, and conduct real-time studies easily with Data Manager software. View data graphically or in tabular form and export data as needed to other programs. Data Manager software is a very powerful tool. So powerful in fact, that we give it to you at no charge when purchasing a ProODO. After all, it’s all about the data!

When purchasing the ProODO optical DO you will receive the instrument, manual, batteries, communications saddle, USB cable, and Data Manager software. You must order cables separately.

Ordering Information:

How to Order
Step 1 – order the instrument. Step 2 – order cables in lengths including 1, 4, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, and 100-meters (or special order in 10-meter increments). Step 3 – order accessories.

ProODO Ordering Information (A complete order comprises of Handheld, Cable, and Sensor, plus any options)

626281 ProODO Handheld instrument
626320 Replacement sensing element (included with initial probe purchase)

Probe Cable
626250-1 ODO Digital probe/1-m cable for DO/temp
626250-4 ODO Digital probe /4-mcable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-10 ODO Digital probe /10-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-20 ODO Digital probe /20-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-30 ODO Digital probe /30-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-40 ODO Digital probe / 40-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-50 ODO Digital probe /50-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-60 ODO Digital probe /60-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)
626250-100 ODO Digital probe /100-m cable for DO/temp (includes cable management kit)

603075 Soft-sided carrying case
603074 Hard-sided carrying case
603069 Belt clip to attach instrument to belt
063517 Ultra clamp (attach to instrument to secure it to a desk, boat, etc)
063507 Small tripod (attach to instrument to sit on any flat surface)
603062 Cable management kit (included with 4- through 100-m cables)
605978 Cable weight, 4.9 oz, attach to stainless steel probe guard



Weight 5 kg
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