EcoSense pH1000A Laboratory Benchtop Instrument

Accurate and economical pH, ORP (mV) and temperature instrument

The EcoSense® pH1000A benchtop instrument provides accurate measurements at an affordable price. The instrument features an easy-to-use interface and 1, 2, or 3 point pH calibration. In addition to pH, the pH1000A also measures ORP (mV) and temperature.

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The pH1000A benchtop instrument is an economical, accurate and easy-to-use solution for routine pH or ORP (mV) measurements in the lab. The AUTOLOCK feature holds stable measurements on the display, resulting in precise, repeatable, and error-free measurements. Simple calibration procedures, automatic buffer recognition, and electrode efficiency display makes calibration quick and easy.
The newest addition to the EcoSense family, the pH1000A features:
•   Measures pH, ORP (mV) and temperature
•   Large, high contrast, LCD display; displays pH/mV and temperature simultaneously
•   Simple 1,2 or 3 point calibration
•   AUTOLOCK mode holds stable readings on the display
•   Accepts U.S. (7.00, 4.01, 10.01) or NIST (6.86, 4.00, 9.18) buffer sets
•   Automatic or manual temperature compensation
•   BNC input allows for any pH or ORP (mV) electrode with BNC connector
•   Battery or AC power, included with the instrument
•   1 year warranty on instrument

Ordering Info

601100 – pH1000A – pH/mV (ORP) lab instrument with power supply
601101 – 1101 pH electrode with 1 meter cable
601102 – 1102 pH/ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) combination electrode with 1 meter cable
601103 – 1103 Temperature probe with 1 meter cable
601104 – pH1000A-01 Kit – pH/mV/Temperature benchtop lab instrument with electrode stand
601105 – pH1000A-02 Kit – pH/mV/Temperature benchtop lab instrument with 1102 pH/temp electrode and electrodestand
601106 – pH1000A-03 Kit – pH/mV/Temperature benchtop lab instrument with 1102 pH/temp electrode
601112 – Replacement pH1000A power supply* (110-220V)
601113 – pH1000A electrode stand
605376 – 115-1 ORP electrode


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