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EcoSense 9500 Photometer

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Waterproof, rugged, easy to use photometer for numerous parameters of choice. The YSI 9500 is an economical photometer in a small package for any application. The portable photometer allows you to easily take readings directly in the field for 100+ parameters. Selecting the desired test has never been easier. Simply choose among the list of available tests on the large graphic display and the instrument will walk you through the test procedure - it's that easy! Simple. Convenient. Accurate.

Flexible EcoSense 9500 Photometer Eliminates sample preservation by taking your portable, waterproof instruments to the field

Features for the 9500 include:

• Direct reading concentrations
• Waterproof IP-67 rating
• Large, backlit graphic display
• Sample tube holder automatically adjusts for various diameters
• On-screen instructions virtually eliminates reading manuals
• Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
• Waterproof USB connection that can also power the instrument
• Internal memory for 500 sample sets
• User-Selectable Options: test units, sample number, dilution factors

User-selectable options for test units, sample numbers, dilutions factors, or additional tests
100+ test choices. You can rely on the accuracy and reliability of YSI's 9500 photometer. Just choose the reagents for the parameters of interest and start getting results today.

Applications include:
• Aquaculture
• Aquarium management
• Surface water
• Education
• Wastewater
• Watershed management

Advanced software built into the 9500 instrument remembers the most recent tests, making it even quicker to use the next time. Up to 500 test results are held in the 9500’s memory along with a date and time stamp. Simply connect to a PC via USB and drag and drop the files to the PC. Software updates can also be completed through a simple USB connection. In addition, the 9500 allows up to 30 user-defined test methods allowing full flexibility in a range of test methods.

The instrument comes with a hard sided carrying case, USB cable, 8 sample tubes, 1 dilution tube, 10 crush rods, 1 cleaning brush, a light cap, and instruction manual.

Ordering Information:
9300 YPT9300 9300 photometer**
9500 YPT9500 9500 photometer***
285 YPT285 Hard-sided carrying case for the 9300
286 YPT286 Hard-sided carrying case for the 9500
804 YPT804 Color Standard Kit
283 YPT283 USB Power Supply for 9500
284 YPT284 USB Waterproof Cable for 9500

** Includes YPT285
*** Includes YPT286 and YPT284