Multiparameter Water Quality U-50 series

Up to 11 water quality parameters can be measured simultaneously on-site using a single system

HORIBA has developed a portable water quality measuring system “Multi Water Quality Checker” U-50 series (five models) that is capable of real-time, on-site measuring of up to 11 water-quality parameters (pH, dissolved oxygen, etc.) in environmental waters such as rivers and lakes. Equipped with a high-performance turbidity sensor with tenfold sensitivity, higher than that of the conventional counterpart, the U-50 series system can measure even the slightest turbidity in water as clear as tap water. The U-50 series is thus applicable to various measurement purposes such as measuring natural environmental water quality (main use of the conventional counterpart) and testing water supplies.

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The U-50 series system uses ancillary components having a long service life between replacements to ensure high maintainability. Moreover, it is designed to be waterproof for the highest robustness. The U-50 series therefore enables any person to measure water quality easily, accurately and at low cost even under adverse conditions where measurement is difficult.

Product Features
• High sensitive turbidity sensor incorporated (U-52, U-53).
• Membrane cap makes stress-free maintenance when dissolved oxygen sensor replacement.
• Hand-held transmitter and sensor probe enable one-handed operation to make easy operation and data confirmation.
• One touch calibration makes easy maintenance for pH, DO, conductivity, turbidity, and water depth

The U-50 series system is a portable water quality measuring instrument comprising a sensor probe and main unit with measurement and display functions.

Features of the new series system include:
• Both the sensor probe and main unit offer robust construction, enabling measurements under adverse conditions.
• Up to 11 water quality parameters can be measured simultaneously on-site using a single system (U-53/53G).

The system’s turbidity sensor (U-53/53G) is equipped with a wiper and high-intensity tungsten lamp as the light source that provides tenfold sensitivity, higher than that of the conventional counterpart. This enables accurate turbidity measurements even in clear water where bubbles could cause measurement errors. Because of this feature, the U-53/53G system can be used to test the turbidity of drinking water, in addition to monitoring and controlling environmental water quality, which is the main function of the conventional counterpart.

Due to the long-life sensor probe and reference solution elaborately prepared for simultaneous calibration for five ingredients of water, the U-50 series system is easy to maintain and manipulate, promising long-term reliable measurements even in remote locations far away from towns, i.e., the system is suitable for use anywhere in the world as a global environmental monitoring instrument.

Because of these functions and features, the U-50 series water quality measuring system is expected to be adopted in a wide variety of sectors, from professional research institutes and developing countries to non-profit organisations and general citizens, for contributing to the protection of the global water environment.

Measurement items
1. Hydrogen-ion concentration (pH): An indicator of a liquid’s property. The U-50 series system indicates this property in terms of acid, alkali or neutral.
2. Dissolved oxygen (DO): The concentration of oxygen dissolved in a liquid, an indicator of eutrophication
3. Conductivity (COND): Total ion concentration, an indicator of contamination level
4. Turbidity (TURB): An indicator of the amount of contaminants or water turbidity [Not applicable to Model U-51]
Note: Model U-53/53G contains a tungsten lamp as the light source to ensure high-precision turbidity measurements.
5. Oxidation/reduction potential (ORP): An indicator of oxidation tendency (or reduction power)
6. Salinity
7. Specific gravity of seawater
8. Total dissolved solids (TDS)
9. Water temperature
10. Water depth [Not applicable to Model U-51]
11. GPS (Location measurement by the built-in global positioning system): [Applicable only to Model G-53G/52G]

Ordering Information:

U-51 pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, ORP, salinity, specific gravity of seawater, TDS, and water temperature
3200164509 U-51-2 meter cable
3200164510 U-51-10 meter cable

U-52 Same measurement items as for Model U-51 (bar depth), plus turbidity (Light source: LED)
3200164501 U-52-2 meter cable
3200164502 U-52-10 meter cable
3200164503 U-52-30 meter cable

U-52G Same as above, plus water depth and GPS
3200156563 U-52G-2 meter cable
3200164499 U-52G-10 meter cable
3200164500 U-52G-30 meter cable

U-53 Same measurement items as for Model U-51, plus turbidity (Light source: tungsten lamp for high-precision measurement) and water depth
3200164506 U-53-2 meter cable
3200164507 U-53-10 meter cable
3200164508 U-53-30 meter cable
U-53G Same as above, plus GPS
3200158178 U-53G-2 meter cable
3200164504 U-53G-10 meter cable
3200164505 U-53G-30 meter cable

Accessories, Replacement Parts and Optional Equipment
362176 pH Sensor
3200170923 Tough pH Sensor
3200170920 ORP Sensor
3200170924 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
362175 Reference Sensor
362173 Reference Sensor Cap
3200174430 pH4 solution (Auto-Cal) 4 liters
3200156570 U-50 Flow Cell
3200156572 Calibration Beaker
3200174823 KU-20-2 USB Cable and Software

Weight 8 kg
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