CyberScan PD 300 pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter

CyberScan PD300 Waterproof pH/Dissolved Oxygen Meter

This meter is a microprocessor-based instrument that is designed to allow one-hand operation. It is capable of measuring pH, Dissolved Oxygen (mg/L or % Saturation of Oxygen) and Temperature. It is completely WATERPROOF — and it FLOATS! This meter has many user-friendly features —- all of which are completely accessible through the water-resistant membrane keypad. Your meter includes a pH electrode (EC-DA93506-03B / 35805-23), dissolved oxygen electrode with integrated temperature sensor in a submersible cable (EC-DOHANDY / 35640-50), maintenance kit, and instruction manual. These items are available in a hard, plastic carrying case which makes it ideal for outdoor field measurement.

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pH / Dissolved Oxygen / Temperature
Switch between pH and DO measurements with the press of a button – the CyberScan PD 300 delivers quick, accurate measurements. Meter comes with rugged, submersible galvanic probe which requires no warm-up time, eliminates polarisation, and requires almost no maintenance.

• Auto-buffer recognition with up to 5-point push-button pH calibration for quick, lab-accurate results
• Temperature, Salinity and Barometric Compensation for accurate readings even in varying conditions
• Calibration is a breeze with independent 100 % and 0 % adjustment calibrations
• Self-diagnostic data provides comprehensive electrode status information and calibration data
• Hold function freezes readings for easy reference
• Auto-off conserves energy and lengthens battery life-span
• Non-volatile memory holds up to 50 data sets even when you run out of batteries

• Analysing effluent and incoming process water
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Recirculating systems • Water conditioning plants
• Plating and finishing operations • Chemical process verification • Aquaculture (shrimp and catfish farming)
• Ponds and aquariums
• Geological and ecological testing
• Monitoring surface and ground drinking water (in compliance with EPA regulations)
• Schools and laboratories

Ordering Information:
ECPDWP30003K 01X267001 Waterproof CyberScan PD 300 Meter with ECDA9350603B, ECDOHANDYNEW and ECPHWPKIT



Weight 5 kg
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