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YSI 9300 Photometer

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The YSI 9300 is an economical photometer in a small package for any application. The portable photometer allows you to easily take readings directly in the field for 100+ parameters. Selecting the desired test has never been easier. Simply choose among the list of available tests on the large graphic display and the instrument will walk you through the test procedure - it's that easy! Simple. Convenient. Accurate

YSI 9300 Economical Portable Photometer

Features for the 9300 include:
• Direct reading concentrations
• Waterproof IP-67 rating
• Large, backlit graphic display
• Sample tube holder automatically adjusts for various diameters
• On-screen instructions virtually eliminates reading manuals
• Multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian)
• 100+ test choices

The YSI 9300 direct-reading photometer is an instrument that measures color intensity. Light is passed through a test tube containing the sample solution, and then through a coloured filter onto a photodetector. Filters have been chosen so that light of a specific wavelength is selected. When the solution is completely colourless, all of the light passes through the sample. With coloured samples, light is absorbed and that which passes through the sample is proportionately reduced.

In 9300 test procedures, the direct-reading photometer is used to measure the colour which is produced when chemical reagents are reacted with the sample. In these tests, the color intensity produced is proportional to the concentration of the parameter under test.

The photometer is pre-programmed with calibrations for each test parameter. Different test procedures are carried out at different wavelengths to optimise the sensitivity of each test. The required wavelength is selected automatically by the instrument.

The calibrations are accessed by entering a unique program number at the start of each test procedure. This enables the instrument to select the appropriate wavelength filter automatically and allows the photodiode response to be converted to a concentration reading. The instrument thus displays a direct-reading of the test result.

The photometer is ideally suited for general analytical applications. The instrument can be used as a laboratory or field photometer for standard analytical methods or for comparison of coloured solutions.

You can rely on the accuracy and reliability of YSI's 9300 photometer. Just choose the reagents for the parameters of interest and start getting results today.

The instrument comes with a hard sided carrying case, 8 sample tubes, 1 dilution tube, 10 crush rods, 1 cleaning brush, a light cap, and instruction manual.

Ordering Information:

Test Kits Range Starter Packs Replacement Packs ('YPM' = 50 tests/box or 'YAP' =250 tests/box)
Alkalinity, Total (Alkaphot) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM188 YAP188
Alkalinity-M (Alkaphot M) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM250 YAP250
Alkalinity-P (Alkaphot P) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM251 YAP251
Aluminum 0-0.5 YPM166 YAP166
Ammonia 0-1.0 (N) YPM152 YAP152
Boron 0-2.5 YPM190 YAP190
Bromine 0-10.0 YPM060 YAP060
Calcium Hardness (Calcicol) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM252 YAP252
Chloride (Chloridol) 0-50,000 (NaCl) YPM268 YAP268
Chlorine DPD 1 0-5.0 YPM011 YAP011
Chlorine DPD 2 0-5.0 YPM021 YAP021
Chlorine DPD 1&3 0-5.0 YPM031 YAP031
Chlorine DPD 4 0-5.0 YPM041 YAP041
Chlorine HR (High Range) 0-250 YPM162 YAP162
Chlorine Dioxide (DPD) 0-4.0 YPM052 YAP052
Chlorine Dioxide LR (Low Range) 0-2.5 YPM064 YAP064
Chlorine Dioxide HR (High Range) 2.5-20 YPM065 YAP065
Chromium VI (Hexavalent) 0-1.0 YPM281 YAP281
Chromium III (Total & Trivalent) 0-1.0 YAT283 N/A
Copper (Coppercol) (free, 0-5.0 YPM186 YAP186
combined, total)
Copper (free) 0-5.0 N/A YAP187
Color (includes turbidity) 10-500 YPM269 N/A
Cyanuric Acid 0-200 YPM087 YAP087
Fluoride 0-1.5 YPM179 YAP179
Hardness (Hardicol) 0-500 (CaCO3) YPM254 YAP254
Hydrazine 0-0.5 YPM103* YAP103
Hydrogen Peroxide LR 0-2 YPM104 YAP104
Hydrogen Peroxide HR 0-100 YPM105 YAP105
Iron LR 0-1.0 YPM155 YAP155
Iron MR 0-5.0 YPM292 YAP292
Iron HR 0-10 YPM156 YAP156
Magnesium (Magnecol) 0-100 YPM193 YAP193
Manganese 0-0.03 YPM173 YAP173
Molybdate LR 0-20 YPM258 YAP258
Molybdate HR 0-100 YPM175 YAP175
Nickel 0-10 YPM284 YAP284
Nitrate 0-20 (N) YPM163 YAP163
Nitrite (N) 0-0.5 (N) YPM109 YAP109
Nitrite (NaNo2) 0-1500 (NaNo2) YPM260 YAP260
Organophosphonate (OP) 0-20 (PO4) YPM262 YAP262
Ozone 0-2.0 YPM056 YAP056
pH (phenol red) 6.8-8.4 YPM130 YAP130
Phenol 0-5.0 YPM287 YAP287
Phosphate LR 0-4.0 YPM177 YAP177
Phosphate HR 0-100 YPM114 YAP114
Potassium 0-12 YPM189 YAP189
Silica 0-4.0 YPM181 YAP181
Silica HR 0-150 YPM290 YAP290
Sulphate 0-200 YPM154 YAP154
Sulphide 0-0.5 YPM168 YAP168
Sulphite 0-500 (Na2SO3) YPM266 YAP266
Zinc 0-4.0 YPM148 YAP148