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Levelogger 5 LTC

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The Levelogger 5 LTC combines conductivity, pressure and temperature sensors in one compact device. It comes complete with a battery that lasts up to eight years and datalogger with memory for 100,000 sets of readings. The 4-electrode platinum conductivity sensor has autoranging from 50 to 80,000 µS/cm for maximum accuracy. A PFAS-free PTFE coating and Hastelloy pressure sensor protect the instrument from corrosion


Levelogger 5 LTC

  • High accuracy conductivity readings
  • 6 pressure ranges available
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • 100,000 sets of readings
  • 8 year battery life
  • 3 year warranty

Versatile Conductivity Datalogger

  • Compatible with Levelogger Software, accessories and telemetry
  • Ideal for salinity and saltwater intrusion studies, tracer tests, agricultural and stormwater run-off monitoring