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PT2X Cableless Level and Temperature Logger

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INW's patented AquiStar PT2X submersible pressure transmitter represents the latest in state-of-the-art level measurement technology. Building on years of successful experience, this industry standard digital RS485 interface device offers great noise immunity, thermal performance and transient protection. In addition, this device stores over 130,000 records of pressure, temperature and time data, operates with low power, and features easy to use software with powerful features.

PT2X Cableless Pressure and Temperature Logger

The PT2X is powered internally with two AA batteries or with an auxiliary power supply for data intensive applications. Envco offers alkaline, rechargeable, and other auxiliary power systems. At the rate of four measurements per hour, the unit will run for a year on its internal AA batteries.

• RS485/RS232 interface
• Small diameter
• Pressure, temperature & time
• 130,000+ records / non-volatile
• 316 stainless steel, Viton and Teflon construction
• MODBUS protocol for RTU & PLC applications
• Easy export to spreadsheets and databases

The PT2X comes with powerful, easy-to-use, Windows based Aqua4Plus software, affording the user extensive control, including real time monitoring, flexible programming, easy field calibration, and a delayed start feature. Aqua4Palm is available for Palm based handhelds, allowing the user to create test sessions, examine data, and monitor real time readings with the convenience and portability of a PDA.

Due to its rugged construction, proven reliability, and datalogging capability, the AquiStar PT2X can be used to replace analog sensors with separate dataloggers. Units can be used to monitor groundwater, well, tank and tidal levels, as well as for pump testing and flow monitoring.

The transmitter's end cone is interchangeable with a 1/4" NPT inlet which allows for increased application use and easy hookup.The modular designed AquiStar PT2X can be factory serviced and repaired saving on future upgrade and repair costs.

Body Material 316 stainless steel
Wire Seal Materials Viton and Teflon
Desiccant High- and standard- capacity packs
Terminating Connector Available
Weight .8lbs.

Static Accuracy +/-0.1% FSO (maximum) (B.F.S.L. 25C)* +/-0.06% FSO (typical) 0.06% available on request.
Temperature Error +/-0.5% FSO (maximum) (reference 25C) +/-0.25% FSO (typical) Maximum +/-0.25% FSO Zero Offset at 25C
Resolution 16 bit
Over Range Protection 2x (except300 PSIA)

Temperature Accuracy
+/-0.75C (maximum)
Resolution 0.1C

Accuracy +/-4 min/yr (maximum) +/-2 min/yr (typical)
Recommended Operating Temperature Range 0C to 40C

Ordering Information:
Titanium PT2X Water Level Logger
Twist Open 0.75” diam. 0.1% FSO 1 MB Memory
2A22750 20 PSIA
2A22752 30 PSIA

316 Stainless Steel PT2X Water Level Logger
0.1% FSO Twist Open 0.75” diam. 1 MB Memory
2A21750 20 PSIA
2A21752 30 PSIA
2A21754 50 PSIA
2A21756 100 PSIA
2A21758 300 PSIA

PSIA = Absolute pressure is zero referenced against a perfect vacuum, so it is equal to gauge pressure plus atmospheric pressure

PSIG = Gauge pressure is zero referenced against ambient air pressure, so it is equal to absolute pressure minus atmospheric pressure. Negative signs are usually omitted. A gauged sensor must have a vented cable.