DST micro-T

DST micro-T Temperature Recording Data Storage Tag. The smallest temperature recorder on the world market!

The small thermo logger is a Data Storage Tag that measures temperature and stores the measurements in an internal memory. All measurements are time related, utilising a real time clock inside the tag. The recorder is based on an ultra small microprocessor and microelectronics. The DST housing is made of bio-compatible material, so it doesn’t endanger the health of the tagged animal when used as an implant.

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Easy to use
Using the DST loggers is quick and simple. DST micro-T is supported by Mercury software and the Communication Box, which works as an interface between the logger and the computer. Logger is ready for recording after the user has set the start time and sampling interval through the Mercury software. Recorded data is uploaded in the Mercury software, where the results can be analysed in graphic and tabular form. Data can be opened/imported in other programs, for example Excel. When data has been retrieved the logger can be sterilised and reset for new recordings.

– Sampling interval is user defined when starting the logger
– Wireless transfer of data to a PC computer
– Measurements displayed with date and time
– Data can be imported into other programs
– Accuracy better than +/-0.2°C

Size (diameter x length): 8.3 mm x 25.4 mm
Volume: 1.4 cm3
Weight (in air / in water): 3.3g / 1.9g
Temperature range: 0 to +45°C
Depth survival: 100 bar (up to 1000 m)
Memory capacity: 43,000 measurements
Resolution temperature: 0.032°C
Accuracy temperature: +/- 0.2 °C
Time constant (63% response): 10 seconds
Start date and sampling interval: User programmable
Battery lifetime: 24 months*
Data retention: 25 years
Attachment hole (diameter): 0.5 mm

*For sampling of 10 min. or greater.

Research applications
DST micro-T was originally developed as an implant for fish and marine animals collecting water temperature preferences of the animals . DST micro-T has also been used in the pharmaceutical industry for several years. Star-Oddi recorders are a great asset to researchers in various stages of drug development because of their small size, high accuracy and bio-compatibility.

Ordering Information:
DST micro-T Temperature recorder, +/-0.1°C, memory: 43,500 recordings
Pressure Option
DST micro Temperature and Depth Data Storage Tag, memory: 21,700 recordings

Communications and Options
Com Box Communication box w/USB serial converter cable
SeaStar Graphic supporting software for Windows
PUR-H Protective housing (made of polyurethane plastic) for the DSTs 39
Wire-L Wire fastener for the protective housings 24
Wire-F Wire fastener w/silicone pad for external fish tagging 3
Plate-P Hard plastic plate for external fish tagging 3
Fast-Kit Plastic holder plate with wires and a PE-plate

Weight 5 kg
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