Staff Gauge Metric

Staff Gauge – Style M Metric

The Staff Gauge has a long history of visually providing a direct indicator for determining water level. The gauges are designed with heavy metal grommets with a 0.2 inch opening for easy mounting to a plank, wall or pier.

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The gauge consists of a metal plate with accurately positioned markings. The metal plates are heavy 18 gage (0.048in or 1.2mm) enameled iron or steel, which is completely covered with a baked-on porcelain enamel finish to resist rust or discoloration. Different colors of enamel are used to provide the markings; typically black numbers on a white background.

Style”M” Metric gauge, 65 mm wide. Divided into centimeters with each decimeter numbered. Gauges for any elevation may be assembled by using separate number plates (sold separately).

Ordering Information:
39742 1 Meter Section

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