Staff Gauge .10 Foot Unnumbered

Staff Gauge Style E .10 Foot Unnumbered

The Staff Gauge has a long history of visually providing a direct indicator for determining water level. The gauges are designed with heavy metal grommets with a 0.2 inch opening for easy mounting to a wall or pier.

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The gauge consists of a metal plate with accurately positioned markings. The metal plates are heavy 18 gage (0.048in or 1.2mm) enameled iron or steel, which is completely covered with a baked-on porcelain enamel finish to resist rust or discoloration. Different colors of enamel are used to provide the markings; typically black numbers on a white background.

Style”E” Graduated in feet and tenths, unnumbered. 3-1/2″ Wide. Available in 1′, 2′ and 5′ sections. Separate number plates (sold separately) are fastened on a plank or pier wall to number any elevations desired.

Ordering Information:
39739 1′ Section
39740 2′ Section
39741 5′ Section

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