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Hydro Services Quadrature Shaft Encoder

The Quadrature Encoder use a multi-polar magnetic sensor. 2 reed switches and a multi-polar magnet produce the quadrature signal giving pulses for changes of level and direction. Four models are available for measuring different increments.

Hydrological Services Quadrature Shaft Encoder

Model AD375Q produces a pulse with each millimetre change in level.
Model AD37/5Q produces a pulse with each 10 millimetre change in level.
Model AD150 Q produces a pulse with each 2.5 millimetre change in level.
Model AD100Q produces a pulse with each 0.01 feet change in level

The Quadrature Shaft Encoder operates as where the output signals are voltage free switch closures. The AD375Q Shaft Encoder mounting hardware has been designed to accommodate all hydrological requirements with only simple additions to the universal mounting plate.

The Quadrature Shaft Encoder does not require power since the unit produces an electronic pulse. The Absolute shaft encoder requires a 6 or 12 volt power supply.

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Chain and Sprocket
Gear Drives
Guide Pulleys
Mechanical Counter Kit


Physical and Environmental
Size: 245L x 125H x 125D (9.6"L x 4.9"H x 5"D)
Material: powder coated aluminum sealed case; stainless steel shafts and fasteners; sealed corrosive resistant bearings.
Mass : 2 Kg (4.3 lb), with bracket.
Temp. Range : -10oC +60oC (14oF to 140oF)
Humidity : 0 to 100%
Mounting: 2x 10mm (0.4") dia. holes, 190mm (7.5") apart.
2x 8mm (0.3") dia. holes, 195mm (7.5") apart.

AD375Q = 25gm cm
AD37/5Q = 25 gm cm
AD150Q = 30 gm cm
AD100Q = 0.45oz in
Follow rate: better than 1 metre /sec
AD375Q, AD37/5Q= 375
AD150Q= 150,
AD100Q = 100
Resolution: ± 1 count
Input Shaft: 12.7 mm (0.5 inch) diameter with knurled locking nut

Operating Voltage: 30 Volts DC Maximum
Current drain: 30mA
Closed Impedance: 1k ohm
Switch type : encapsulated reed, normally open
Phase: 90 deg ± 10 deg

Packed Dimensions: 270 x 170 x 200- 2 kg