H-350XL Pressure Measurement & Data Collection Platform

The WaterLOG® Model H-350XL™ is a microprocessor controlled pressure sensor / data logger designed for remote operation.

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• Easy to read digital display shows stage directly in engineering units (feet or meters)
• Built-in temperature compensation and auto-zero functions
• Operating temperature range of -40deg to 60degC
• Ideal for small Hydrologic / Met Stations
• Three RS-232 serial communication ports
• Quadrature shaft encoder input
• Scalable and programmable 4-20 mA Output
• Four analog inputs
• SDI-12 Slave and Master mode
• Two programmable digital inputs/outputs
• One event counter input (Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge)
• Frequency input (wind speed)
• Sealed, corrosion-resistant, non-conductive enclosure
• Data logging capability using non volatile internal storage (4 Meg and up)
• Compatible with SDI-12 and RS-232 data loggers

The H-350XL can be combined with the H-355 self contained bubbler system to create a robust full-function fluid level measuring system which can be applied to a variety of level measurement applications, including stream, lake, well level monitoring and logging.

Ordering Information:
H-350XL™ High-Level Data Logger with Built-in Non-Submersible Pressure
Transducer (Dry Gas Only) Includes extended temperature testing, 3 RS-232 serial ports, multiple data logging functions, 4-20mA output, internal 64mB Flash memory for storage of data. Standard PSI ranges are 15 and 30. Custom calibrations available up to 100 PSI.*

H-350XL™ Accessories
H-350-FCCF Compact FLASH Memory Card
H-350-FC-ADAPTOR Compact FLASH PC Card Adaptor
H-350-FCATA ATA FLASH Memory Card
H-350-ATACR USB Card Reader
H-350-LATACR USB to PC Card Read-Writer 1 Slot Linear/ATA
H-350-PCRD-SW CardWare Software for PC Card Reader

H-350-INS Install Kit (6 ft. of 1/8 in. tubing; brass street T; pressure relief valve; 1/8 in. NPT to 1/8 in. tubing adaptor)
H-350-PRV-18 15 PSI Pressure Relief Valve (Crack 18 PSI)
H-350-PRV-35 30 PSI Pressure Relief Valve (Crack 35 PSI)
H-350-PRV-60 60 PSI Pressure Relief Valve (Crack 60 PSI)

H-350-DIS2 2-Line Remote Display, 12 V DC Powered
H-350-DIS4 4-Line Remote Display, 12 V DC Powered
H-350-RSC-9 RS-232 Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin Male (6 ft.)
H-350-RSC-CUSTOM RS-232 Cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin Male



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