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Hydro Services GCO1 Gas Chamber Orifice

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The Hydrological Services Gas Chamber Orifice (GCO1) is designed to replace the standard orifice in a gas purge water level measurement system. The copper construction of the GCO1 deters aquatic growth while the plastic insulating bush prevents contact between the copper chamber and steel pipe. Bubble rates as low as 40 bubbles per minutes (bpm) can be used on fast rising water levels, thereby reducing gas consumption by as much as 60%.

Hydrological Services Gas Chamber Orifice (GCO1)

The GCO1 permits the use of extremely low bubble rates with increased accuracy and near total reduction of lag between actual level rise and orifice pressure.

Bubble rates as low as 10 bubbles per minute can be used, thereby reducing gas consumption and prolonging the life of the gas bottle, or reducing the duty cycle operation of the compressor pump on our HS-55/50/45 bubbler systems.

The main GC01 chamber is constructed entirely of copper (Fig.1) to deter aquatic growth, and is supplied fitted with an insulated 2" threaded barrel union to suit threaded pipe. With this arrangement the copper does not come in contact with the steel pipe. The GCO1 is tapped 1/4 inch NPT to take copper plated compression type pressure fittings to suit customer requirements in relation to orifice line. The bottom of the chamber includes a removable copper coated brass screen for cleaning purposes

2" copper connection
The connection mates with a 2" plastic insulating bush and is taped for a 1/4" National pipe thread (NPT) copper Swagelok a fitting which allows adaptability to the existing standard USGS orifice configuration. The bottom of the chamber include a removable copper screen for cleaning purposes.

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