Masterflex B/T Modular Digital Pump Systems

Masterflex B/T® Modular Digital Peristaltic Pump Systems Ideal for Large Dosing Needs!

This durable, variable-speed digital pump is ideal for bulk fluid transfer and dispensing applications. With flow rates up to 37 LPM (9.7 GPM), it can handle large batches quickly and efficiently. Keypad lock/unlock feature helps lock in your settings and prevents accidental or unauthorised changes.

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High-volume, high-accuracy dispensing
• Accepts new B/T Perfect Position™ pump tubing sizes B/T 87 and B/T 91
• Dispense by volume or time, or pump continuously
• Separate motor and controller by up to 25 feet for convenient operation
• IP56-rated controller and motor protect against dust and water

A full-featured dispenser, the B/T modular digital pump offers a powerful, reversible 1⁄2-hp motor with simple intuitive controls. Start, stop, prime, reverse, calibrate, and dispense using the sealed keypad. Four-digit LED display shows flow rate (0.1, 1, or 10 LPM resolution autoranging with tubing size), dispense volume (0.1 to 999 L in 0.1 L increments), motor rpm, and copy number (1 to 99 repetitions, 100 mL to over 1000 litres each) for automated repetitive dispensing.

To easily integrate with your process, the pump features extensive remote control capabilities. Remote features include 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, and 0 to 10 V speed control input; 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA, 0 to 10 V, and TTL pulse tachometer output; and pump direction, start/stop, and prime via open collector, contact closure.

Pump stores one user-defined calibration value for maximum accuracy and repeatability. Calibrate manually to compensate or use the nominal calibrations stored in the non-volatile memory.

Masterflex B/T pumps are the best choice for high-flow bulk-transfer applications. Their durable construction ensures long service life with minimal maintenance. The sturdy materials of construction include stainless steel/carbon steel, a cast aluminium housing with an epoxy-powder coating, and Nylatron® rollers for rugged dependability.

All B/T pumps include a new and improved Rapid-Load® pump head for fast and easy tubing changes. The redesigned occlusion mechanism slides the tubing bed out of the way for easy tube loading and improved occlusion of the tubing when the pump head closes. The improved tubing retention mechanism holds the tubing firmly in place to allow for a simple loading process. New tubing sizes provide better performance in higher pressure applications and provide longer tubing life.

Economical and easy to operate
• Achieve the highest flow rates of any Masterflex pump—up to 37 LPM (9.8 GPM)
• Accept new B/T PerfectPosition™ pump tubing sizes B/T 87 and B/T 91
• Washdown pumps handle the toughest process and production applications, then clean up with ease
• Gentle peristaltic action is ideal for pumping shear-sensitive or viscous fluids (up to 10,000 cps)
• New improved rotor and occlusion bed design allow easier tube loading and prevent “tubing roll” during operation
• Reversible motor: purge before or after pumping, pump fluid in either direction
• IP55-rated motor—wash off dirt or debris without harming pump

What’s included: a new Rapid-Load pump head, 1 m (3 ft) of Tygon® LFL B/T 91 tubing 06430-91, and a 6-ft line cord—115 VAC: U.S. standard plug; 230 VAC: European plug.

Ordering Information:
940-2610 BT VAR SPD DIG SYS WD 115V
940-2615 BT VAR SPD DIG SYS WD 230V







Weight 60 kg
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