Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

Powerful modular Trilogy Flurometer

The Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer is a compact laboratory instrument for making fluorescence, absorbance and turbidity measurements using the appropriate snap-in Application Module. Trilogy provides you with excellent sensitivity and measurement range. The all solid-state design ensures you will make reliable and repeatable readings.

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Fluorescence modules are available for chlorophyll a, (extractive acidification and non-acidification plus in vivo), rhodamine and fluorescein dye, cyanobacteria (phycocyanin and phycoerythrin pigments), CDOM, optical brighteners and ammonium. For extracted chlorophyll measurements using EPA 445, Trilogy automatically calculates the concentration using the filtered and solvent volumes. The Turbidity Module uses an IR LED with a wavelength of 860 nm to meet ISO 7027 requirements for Turbidity water quality measurements.

The Absorbance Module accepts interchangeable filter paddles so measurements can be made at different wavelengths in order to identify or place a sample in a particular class of compounds.

The standard filter paddle wavelengths/bandwidths are: 560/10; 600/10 and 750/10 nm.

Snap-In Application Modules
Snap-in modules enable you to select the applications you need today while being able to easily add capabilities in the future

Available Modules
• Turbidity
• Absorbance
– Phosphate
– Nitrate
– Silicate
• Chlorophyll a
• Blue Green Algae – Phycocyanin
• Blue Green Algae – Phycoerythrin
• Rhodamine Dye
• Fluorescein Dye
• Ammonium
• Histamine
• Oil
• Optical Brighteners
Custom Modules Also Available

Fluorescence Module Range
Chlorophyll a: 300 μg/l
Phycoerythrin: 150,000 cells/ml
Phycocyanin: 150,000 cells/ml
Rhodamine: 500 ppb
Fluorescein: 500 ppb
Ammonium: 100 μm/l
CDOM: 1,000 ppb Quinine Sulfate
Refined Oil: 6,000 ppb Napthalene
Optical Brighteners: 10,000 ppm Detergent in Water

Absorbance Module Range
Phosphate: 0.01-14 mg/l of total inorganic P
Silicate: 1-3000 μg/l of total inorganic Si
Nitrate: 1-930 μg/l of total inorganic N

When properly calibrated, the Trilogy Fluorometer will read out the actual concentration of the solution. Optical Modules contain the necessary light source and filters for the relevant application.

Ordering Information:
7200-000 Trilogy Laboratory Fluorometer

7200-040 Chlorophyll a Acidification
7200-046 Chlorophyll Non-Acidification
7200-046 Chlorophyll a in-vivo
7200-042 Rhodamine/Phycoerythrin
7200-044 Phycocyanin
7200-048 Fluorescein
7200-041 CDOM/Ammonium
7200-049 Histamine
7200-062 Short Oil
7200-063 Crude Oil
7200-047 Optical Brighteners

7200-060 Turbidity

7200-070 Phosphate Kit
7200-072 Silicate Kit
7200-074 Nitrate Kit
7200-050 Absorbance (requires filter paddle)
7200-051 560/10 nm Filter Paddle
7200-052 600/10 nm Filter Paddle
7200-053 560/10 nm Filter Paddle



Weight 8 kg
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