Sludge Judge

The Famous Sludge Judge

This sampler is ideal for monitoring sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, food processing facilities and the like. It allows you to take accurate readings of settled solids in a variety of liquids to any depth.

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Modular in design, it comes in three 5 ft sections for a total of 15 ft. It is constructed of 3/4 inch diameter plastic pipe with screw-type fittings.

Holds approximately 3 oz. per foot. The top 5 ft section includes a nylon line for lowering the sampler. (Add 2.5 ft with our top accessory, available separately.)

Accessories include: 2.5 ft top section with attached nylon line for more length. Cotton canvas carrying case that holds four sections. Spiral cleaning brush, 6 ft long, designed for a snug fit. Simply slide in and out using a mild detergent and water

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Sludge Judge

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