Quickly Locate Sludge Blanket Level

SID-10200 is a portable handheld instrument that accurately determines the sludge blanket solid/liquid interface depth in primary tanks, clarifiers, sedimentation basins, lagoons and a wide variety of tanks with settled sludge and solids.

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  • Infrared sensor probe
  • Audio and visual LED indicators visible in direct sunlight
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Low battery indicator
  • Case – IP 66 weather resistant
  • Probe and cable – IP68 waterproof up to 50 ft (15m)
  • Made in USA

It’s equipped with a strain relieved signal cable with incremented depth cable markers and an infrared sensor probe. As the probe is lowered into the tank and the solid/liquid interface is engaged, the meter lightbar LED sements begin to illuminate and the horn tone sounds and changes as the solids density increases. At higher sensitivity settings, the ragged edge on top of the blanket will be detected by the sensor.

To measure the elevation of the sludge blanket:

  1. lower the the sensor probe to the bottom of the tank
  2. grasp the cable at a fixed reference point such as the safety railing
  3. raise it back up until the red lights go out and measure the distance you pulled away from the fixed reference point.


* Sensor – Infrared
* Readout – Red LED lightbars
* Signal – horn with volume control
* Cable Length – up to 100 feet
* Power – 6 AA batteries (included)
* Environmental Rating – IP65 weatherproof
* FDA compliant components

* Hand held portable instrument
* Meter – 8” tall 4.5” wide 3.5” deep
* Senor Probe – 5” tall 3” wide 1” deep
* Weighs 1 pound
* Rugged for industry
* Tabs on handle for hanging on waistband or belt
* On-board cable stowage bracket
* 1 year warranty

Ordering Information: (Metric lengths available)

SID 10200-20 Sludge Interface Detector (SID) w/ 20′ cable & probe

SID-10200-30 Sludge Interface Detector (SID) w/ 30′ cable & probe

Replacement Probe and Cable
SID-10203-20 20 foot Cable and Probe
SID-10203-30 30 foot Cable and Probe


Weight 5 kg
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