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Fixed Based Sludge Interface Detector

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The model SID-10700 from Raven Environmental Products is a fixed installation monitor employing infrared sensors to monitor the sludge blanket solid/liquid interface depth in primary tanks, clarifiers, sedimentation basins, lagoons and a wide variety of tanks with settled sludge and solids. Tanks with rake arms that do not allow for side-wall clearance are not a candidate for this product.

The dual channel infrared detector acts as a “Warning” and “Alarm” for rising sludge blankets.

• Infrared optical sensor probes
• Touch-screen display
• Sensitivity adjustment per channel
• Relay time delays for probes
• NEMA 4X – IP67 weatherproof

The unit is equipped with 2 infrared sensor probes. Each probe is suspended at desired levels in the tank. The probe closest to the tank bottom is considered a “warning” sounder for rising sludge blankets. The second probe, fixed at a point higher than the warning probe is considered an “alarm” sounder for dangerously rising sludge blankets.

Stand alone or connected to SCADA, the SID-10700 is a fully functional controller for communication and process controllers such as pumps. Operator preferences include time delay for sensor trigger, time-out for maintenance, and independent sensitivity settings for each probe.

Infrared sensors reside at fixed points in the tank and report only when the sludge blanket reaches those points. Ultrasonic sensors reside at the water line and use time-echo calculations for constant sludge blanket reporting.

Raven’s infrared sensors actually engage the rising sludge. Ultrasonic sensors do not come into contact with the physical sludge blanket.


Enclosure corrosion resistant
Power 120‐240vac single phase
Environment IP67 NEMA‐4X
Temperature ‐13°f to +131°f (‐25°c to +55°c)
Sensitivity variable low to high maint. mode timed service outage display LCD text density meter sunlight visible LED bargraph horn 70 db max
Output SCADA relay dry contact
Calibration factory sealed (no recal required)

Material epoxy encapsulated
Technology IRED emitter/detector
Sensor Gap 0.780” (20mm)
Lenses polycarbonate
Range min 100‐2,000 mg/l (varies)
Range max 100‐100,000 mg/l (varies)
Height 4.125” (105mm)
Width 3.0” (77mm)
Depth 1.0” (25.4mm)
Circular envel 3.25” (82.5mm)
Weight 12.3 oz (350g)

Ordering Information:
SID-10700-6M Fixed Based Sludge Interface Detector with 6 meter Cable Length
SID-10700-9M Fixed Based Sludge Interface Detector with 9 meter Cable Length
SID-10700-15M Fixed Based Sludge Interface Detector with 15 meter Cable Length

SID‐10703‐20 Cable Assembly with probe 20 ft (6.1m)
SID‐10703‐30 Cable Assembly with probe 30 ft (9.1m)
SID‐10703‐40 Cable Assembly with probe 40 ft (12.1m)
SID‐10703‐50 Cable Assembly with probe 50 ft (15.2m)
100 ft (30.5m) P/N SID‐10703‐100 $529