F10300 Wastewater Centrifuge Suspended Solids % by volume

This Centrifuge is specifically designed for wastewater process control applications to determine solids concentration in percent volume. Stainless steel with aluminium cover/lid.

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Rugged and durable, yet still a precision laboratory instrument. Powered by a 1/8 hp motor spinning 6 test tubes 3,000 fixed RPM at a full right angle to the axis of rotation.

Rubber feet and a heavy base provide smooth and quiet operation.

A 15-minute timer provides a reliable spin test for solids concentration. An on/off toggle switch overrides the motor for shut-off anytime during operation.

Includes six 19mm polycarbonate conical bottom test tubes.

Relative Centrifugal Force (RFC) 1792g

30.5cm x 40.5cm diameter. 6.8kg

Trunion Head machined of solid aluminum for perfect balance. Tubes rotate at a full right angle to axis of rotation for true and accurate “bright line” measurements of solids concentration in % volume.

Sample Tubes
Sample tubes are available in 19mm diameter and 17mm diameter. Brightly marked to indicate % volume




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