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QiQuac Instream & Uncertainty Analysis Calculator

The Quick Instream Q(flow) & Uncertainty Analysis Calculator (QiQuac™) is a serial datalogger designed for Salt Dilution flow measurements. The user interface assists the hydrographer by presenting a graphical representation of the conductivity over time, calculating flow (Q), and estimating the associated uncertainty. This ability to employ Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) to field measurements helps to reduce costs associated with field work. This can expedite the permitting process, ensure compliance, and reduce risk associated with natural resource development.

For Measuring Flow in Turbulent Waterways


• Logs Serial EC, T, and EC.T data to internal SD Card.  Currently compatible with WTW330i, WTW340i, Oakton Con110, and T-HRECS.
• Calculates Q (Flow) in real time.
• Calculates Uncertainty in the field for QA/QC and Grades measurement with A, B, or C based on user preferences.
• Graphically displays pulse as it travels past probe.
• Waterproof, handsome, and durable.
• >12 hours of internal rechargeable battery life, or indefinite external battery service.

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