Robust velocity measurements in a compact, easy-to-use package

The SonTek Triton-ADV is a single-point, Doppler current meter designed specifically for low-power measurements in shallow water. The Triton-ADV Doppler processing techniques provide several important advantages: 3D velocity measurements in a remote sampling volume; invariant factory calibration (no periodic re-calibration required); simple operation; and excellent low-flow, shallow-water performance.

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The Argonaut-ADV takes SonTek’s renown ADV technology and makes it practical and affordable for deployments in shallow streams, lakes, marshes or along the coast. Featuring an AutoVelocity range scaling, there is no need to pre-set the velocity range, its all done automatically by the instrument. A built-in recorder, SDI-12 interface, and battery enable you to either deploy
the Argonaut-ADV for autonomous operation, or connect it in real-time to a data logger. Its low velocity/shallow water capability make it the ultimate solution for marsh and wetland studies

Standard Features
„SonTek AutoVelocity range capability
„3-D down looking probe
„ Remote sampling volume of 0.25 cc located
10 cm from center transducer
„Temperature sensors
„Distance to boundary (acoustic altimetry)
„Internal 4 MB recorder

„Internal battery pack
„ ViewArgonaut Windows software for data
analysis, processing and exporting
„Solid state compass/tilt sensor
„RS232/SDI-12 output

Optional Features
„2-D side-looking ADV probe for shallow water
(as little as 2 cm) deployments
„ADV probe on 1 m flexible cable
„RS-422 output
„Mounting clamps
„Pressure sensor

Velocity Specifications
„Range: ±0.001 – 4.5 m/s (±0.003 to 15 ft/s)
„Resolution: 0.0001 m/s
„ Accuracy: ±1% of measured velocity,
±0.001 m/s
„Sample rate: 1 Hz
„Output rate: programmable, 10-1000 s

Temperature Specifications
„Accuracy: 0.1 °C
„ Resolution: 0.01 °C distance to sampling

Pressure Specifications (range 30 m)
„Type: Piezoresistive (strain gauge)
„Accuracy: 0.1%
Power Requirements
„7-15 VDC

Operating only: 0.2 to 0.5 W
Sleep mode: 0.001 W
„ Nominal battery capacity: 220 W-h
„ Optional 500 W-h external battery pack
(triples deployment length)

„Depth rating: 60 m (pressure sensor depend
„Operating temp: -5 to 40 °C
„Storage temperature: -10 to 50 °C
„Weight in air: 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
„Weight in water: 0.45 kg (1 lb)

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SNT ArgonautADV




Weight 20 kg
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