Little Dipper In-line Fluorometer

Little Dipper Fluorometer with 4-20 mA output for accurate in-line measurement of fluorescent samples

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The Turner Designs Little Dipper In-line Fluorometer is a low cost, compact fluorometer designed for monitoring and/or control of naturally fluorescent species or fluorescent dyes in industrial water systems. Integration of the Little Dipper In-line Fluorometer into your automation system enables fluorescent trends to be monitored in real time allowing informed process improvements to be implemented and confirmed. Little Dipper is designed as a rugged, 24/7 device providing maximum performance, minimal maintenance and solid state reliability.

Dynamic Range: <1-300 ppb typical for fluorescein, rhodamine, PTSA & other fluorescent dyes (alternative ranges possible)
Sensitivity: <1.0 ppb typical for fluorescein, rhodamine, PTSA & other fluorescent dyes (alternative sensitivity available)
Solid State Light Source and Detector, no moving parts
Isolated 4-20 mA output signal can be used for remote monitoring and control
Customisable optics (365 – 1100 nm)

8-30 VDC Power, less than 1.2w
Mounts into pvc plumbing tee
5.8″ L x 1.1″ Dia (without plumbing connection)
Maximum Sample Pressure 100 PSI

Ordering Information:
Little Dipper In-line Fluorometer


Weight 5 kg
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