Sontek RS5 -ADCP

Sontek RS5


Introducing the RS5, the latest addition to the award-winning RiverSurveyor® family of discharge instruments. Good things really do come in small packages!


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The RS5 system fits in the palm of your hand and includes everything you need to make a discharge measurement. Get the package that includes the HydroBoardII Micro and you’ll have everything you need for the fastest, high-quality measurement possible. It is the smallest and lightest complete ADCP solution for moving boat discharge measurement available. Simply fold the GNSS/antenna mast and pop the RS5 and board into the custom designed backpack for easy transportation and minimal re-assembly between sites.

The RS5 includes SonTek’s proprietary SmartPulse+ which incorporates Broadband and Pulse-coherent acoustic processing methods. This algorithm automatically determines the best measurement methodology based on environmental conditions and adjusts instrument settings so the user doesn’t have to, ensuring the most accurate and user-friendly data collection possible.

For a streamlined experience, batteries and Bluetooth radio are housed in the RS5, which means there is no need to connect to external electronics boxes. Rely on an integrated, modern, high speed, and low power wireless Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE5) radio, with 100m range and five-minute data buffer to prevent data loss and redundant work.


Ordering Information:

RS5-STD-PK1- Standard RS5 -Bottom tracking only, excluding Hydroboard Micro and carry case.

RS5-STD-PK2- Standard RS5- Bottom tracking only, inlcuding Hydroboard Micro and custom backpack.

RS5-MAX-PK1- RS5 inlcuding GPS system, excluding Hydroboard Micro and carry case.

RS5-MAX-PK2-RS5 inlcuding GPS system, includes Hydroboard Micro and custom backpack.



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