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Model 106 Lightweight Current Meter

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A low cost, lightweight alternative to larger flow meters, ideal for use in applications where the superior durability and depth rating of Valeport's larger meters is not necessary. Utilising the standard Valeport 125mm diameter impeller, the Model 106 features speed and direction parameters as standard, with further options of temperature and depth. Data (logged or real time) is compatible with Valeport's DataLog™ software. The instrument is manufactured from titanium and polymers, giving excellent resistance to corrosion, whilst maintaining a small size and low weight. These features make the Model 106 the ideal instrument for coastal and estuarine applications, and other light duty survey work.

Our impeller instruments use the simple premise of measuring the speed of rotation of a helix in the water

The Model 106 is an impeller-based meter measuring speed and direction, with optional temperature and depth parameters. As standard, they are Self-Recording only instruments, but a Direct Reading capability can be fitted as an option. All units can be operated directly via PC; alternatively the Model 8008 Control Display Unit can be used for controlling Direct Reading operation:

• Self Recording Mode: Sample setup and data extraction can be carried out using deck lead from PC to internal 9 Way D-type connector. It is not possible to control or read data from a Self-Recording only unit whilst it is deployed.

• Direct Reading Mode: Over short cable lengths (up to 50m) RS232 communications are possible via the external 4 Way Mil-Spec connector and PC. Over longer cable lengths, communications are via Digital Current Loop. The 8008 CDU has an integral current loop adapter, so direct use of the instruments with this unit is possible. If it is required to use the meters with a PC over long cable lengths, a separate Digital Current Loop Adapter will be required.

Power to the Model 106 may be taken from their internal battery, from the 8008 CDU (if used) or from a surface battery or power supply. When power is taken from the internal battery (1.5V alkaline D cell), battery life is approximately 30 days at 10 second sampling rate, or 56 days at 5-minute sample rate. Using a 3.6V Lithium D cell, life is approximately 90 days at 10-second sample rate, or 180 days at 5-minute sample rate.

The units are fitted with a 512 kb memory. This equates to storage of over 8000 speed and direction records for the 106 (over 4000 if temperature and depth are also fitted).

Ordering Information:
0106001SC Self-recording / Direct reading current meter fitted with 125mm diameter impeller and compass for measuring speed and direction. Supplied with communications lead (3m Y lead), set of tools, operating manual, DataLog software and transit case.

0106002SC Self-recording / Direct reading flow meter fitted with 125mm diameter impeller for measuring speed only. Supplied with communications lead (3m Y lead), set of tools, operating manual, DataLog software and transit case.

0105003 Thermistor temperature sensor
0105004 Pressure Sensor (0.2% accuracy). Specify range required (100, 200 or 500 decibar).
0105005SC Control Display Unit Set, comprising Model 8008 CDU (memory option fitted) and 3m Deck Lead
0400031 50m cable on hand reel
0400032 100m cable on hand reel
0400033 200m cable on hand reel
TC400 AE508 Cable reel transit box for 50m / 100m type
TC480 AE508 Cable reel transit box for 200m type
8008EA2 Optional cable for extracting logged data (includes software)
0300EA3 External DC power option for display unit

Components, Spares & Accessories
0106019SC 106 fish, with speed and direction
0106020SC 106 fish, with speed only
0105EA4 3m "Y" lead, instrument to PC / power supply (Subcon type)
0106EA3 Deck lead, 10 way Subcon to 10 way Milspec, 3m long
8008001 Control display unit
0001005 125mm diameter impeller c/w nose cone (Model 106)
0001006 Impeller shaft (Model 106)
0106006 Impeller guard (Model 106)
0002005 50mm diameter impeller c/w nose cone (Model 105)
0002006 Impeller shaft (Model 105)
0105006 Impeller guard (Model 105)
0105007 Suspension assembly
0105009 Tailfin assembly
0106003SC 10 way Subcon connector adaptor for 106 current meter
0400035B Brass Subconn bulkhead connector with sleeve. (Subconn parts MCBH10F & NSW DLSA-F. Specify Brass)
0400EA3 Subconn switch cap assembly
0400036 Subconn line connector kit, for signal cable or Y lead. (Subconn parts MCOM10M, NSW DLSA-M & OMBA. Requires polyurethane potting compound).
0150038 Current meter bulkhead connector
0150037 Subsea cable connector assembly
0150041 Cable reel bulkhead connector with wires
0150040 Sealing pro-cap for 106 current meter
0105017 Set of O rings for current meter
TK0106 Set of tools for current meter (impeller spanners and screwdriver)
0105021 Transit case for SR/DR system.
0105022 Seawater switch link cable
0300014 External AC/DC power supply adaptor
0105800 Spare operating manual (supplied electronically)
0300845 Spare DataLog software manual (supplied electronically)
0300040 Spare reedswitch for Model 106
0105030 Spare reedswitch for Model 105