C3 Submersible Fluorometer

Highlights of the C3 • Temperature Sensor Included • Optional Depth Sensor Available • Optional Mechanical Wiper Available

The C3 Submersible Fluorometer can be configured with one, two or three optical sensors ranging from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum. Internal memory storage capacity combined with an external submersible lithium ion battery allows the C3 to run during extended or short-term deployments. Each C3 comes with a factory-installed temperature sensor. Optional factory-installed depth sensors and mechanical wipers are also available. The C-Soft Windows based software allows for intuitive calibration, datalogging set up and file management capabilities as well as digital data integration.

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Customised Optical Sensors
Choose up to three optical sensors to be factory installed for a variety of applications.

• Turbidity
• Chlorophyll a in vivo
• Blue Green Algae – Phycocyanin
• Blue Green Algae – Phycoerythrin
• Fluorescein Dye
• Rhodamine Dye
• Crude Oil
• Optical Brighteners

Dynamic Range
Chlorophyll a* 0-300 μg/L
Rhodamine Dye 0-500 ppb
Cyanobacteria 0-150,000 cells/mL
CDOM 0-1000 ppb QS**
Turbidity 0-3000 NTU
Fluorescein Dye 0-500 ppb
Crude Oil 0-1000ppm
Optical Brighteners 0-10,000 ppb QS**

Ordering Information:

2300-000 C3 Submersible Fluorometer

2300-240 Turbidity
2300-200 Chlorophyll a in vivo
2300-231 Blue Green Algae – Phycocyanin
2300-230 Blue Green Algae – Phycoerythrin
2300-220 Fluorescein Dye
2300-210 Rhodamine Dye
2300-251 CDOM
2300-253 Crude Oil
2300-252 Optical Brighteners

2300-450 Mechanical Wiper
2300-360 Pressure Sensor
2200-601 Submersible Battery Pack
2300-603 Battery Pack Bracket
2300-700 Flow Cap
2300-500 Shade Cap
2300-510 Shade Cap Weight
2300-900 Solid Secondary Standard*
2200-170 24” Pigtail Interface Cable w/ Locking Sleeve
2200-900 Boosters (Set of 2)**
105-2595 10 Meter Extender Cable**
105-2596 25 Meter Extender Cable**
105-2597 50 Meter Extender Cable**



Weight 5 kg
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