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Veliger Net

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Veliger Net - curtailing the spread of invasive species

This 63 micron net is designed to collect veligers, the free-swimming larval form of mussels.

Keeping track of - and curtailing the spread of - veligers has just become easier. Because a large volume of water is needed to calculate the veliger density using microscopic methods in the lab, our net is extra long with a hefty 1000mL collection bucket. Its impeccable construction can withstand the constant decontamination involved with sampling these organisms.

Veliger Net includes:
• Plankton Net, 1:4 ratio (20” mouth, ~80” long), 63μm mesh
• 7-E50 Ring and Bridle, 20” (500mm)
• 48-D80 Dolphin™ Adaptor, 3.5”
• 47-F28 Dolphin™ Bucket, 1000mL, 61μm stainless steel mesh
• 47-F99 Guard Rails

Ordering Information:
33-E28 Veliger Net

We recommend a flow meter and line depressor.
62-C15 Line, 100’, 3/16” diameter
39-B10 Flow meter
90-G10 Cable Depressor