OxiTop IS 6, IS 12

Measurement using OxiTop® Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Instrumentation is based on pressure measurement in a closed system: microorganisms in the sample consume the oxygen and form CO2. This is absorbed by NaOH, creating a vacuum, which can be read directly as a measured value in mg/l BOD.

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The sample volume being tested regulates the amount of oxygen available for a complete BOD measurement. BOD measurement ranges of up to 4,000 mg/l can be measured using different sample volumes.

The OxiTop® BOD instrumentation heads (green and yellow for differentiation of inflow/outflow) have an AutoTemp function: if the sample temperature is too cold, the start of BOD measurement is automatically delayed (by at least 1 hour) until a constant temperature has been reached.

Apart from the automatic storage of 5 measured values (1 value per day), further measured BOD values can be read at all times during or after the period of 5 days, which permits the tracking of check values or measurements over longer periods. The OxiTop BOD Instrumentation measurement system also offers simple operation, improved controllability, and non-toxicity.

Measuring principle: Respirometric (manometric)
Display: 2-digit 7-segment LED, 10 mm
Digits Measuring range: 0 to 40 digits (+10 digits for overranging)
Accuracy: + 0.03 psi (+ 2 hPa) or + 1 digit
Admissible measuring temperature: 20°C ± 1°C
Admissible sample temperature (when being filled): 15-20°C
Power supply: Lithium batteries (260 mAh), 2 x type CR 2430 (3V)
Power consumption: Max. 25 mA (during measurement)
Battery run time: ~ 3 years with normal use
Protection class: 3 IEC 1010
Protection system: IP 54 IEC 529
EMC Emissions: EN 50081-1, FCC Class A Immunity: EN 50082-2, NAMUR recommendation
Climate class: 2, VDI/VDE 3540
Storage Temperature: -25°C to +65°C
Test mark: CE
Dimensions: 69 mm height, 70 mm diameter
Weight: 85 g

Ordering Information:
208210 OxiTop® IS 6
BOD Measurement Instrumentation
BOD measuring instrument for self-check with 6 measuring units power plug, and accessories.

208211 OxiTop® IS 12
BOD Measurement Instrumentation
BOD measuring instrument for self-check with 12 measuring units, power plug, and accessories.

208433 OxiTop® Thermostat Box
Thermostat Box
OxiTop® BOD Instrumentation thermostat box, for up to 12 OxiTop® units and stirrer base



Weight 5 kg
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