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Turtox® Bottom Kick Nets

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Canvas shroud on the bottom permits a clear view

Use kick nets in stream beds. While one person holds the net, a helper upstream kicks the streambed with their foot and runs their fingers through the substrate to drive invertebrates into the net. Muslin shroud on the bottom allows viewing from above, with a polyester edge for extra wear. 60" handle for extra reach.

Cut quite a swathe in open water with our versatile flat net. It is often termed a “kick net” since kicking the stream bed drives critters into the net. Use in a sweeping motion like a fish seine, or as a large kick net downstream of aquatic weeds, or as a big drift net to collect floating invertebrates - the choice is yours.

This seine is easy to control with weighted bottom and included handles that slide into sleeves at either end. Dacron sleeves hug the handles snugly so they can’t slide out during use.

• Mouth: 457 x 229mm
• Bag: 254 mm deep
• Handle: 1524mm total (60”) length, in 2 parts for shipping, or 40" one piece.
• Net: Nitex® or multifilament; shroud on bottom
• Heavy-duty dacron edge & muslin collars
• Nets available in many other mesh sizes, Specify Details

Ordering Information:
Net with 40” handle
425-K11 Kick net (800-900 multi)
425-K51 Kick net, Nitex® (500 μm)

Net with 52” handle
425-K12 Kick net (800-900 multi)
425-K52 Kick net, Nitex® (500 μm)

Net with 2-piece handle (60”)
425-K13 Kick net (800-900 multi)
425-K53 Kick net, Nitex® (500 μm)

Replacement Net only, with (10) clips
425-K10 Kick net (800-900 multi)
425-K50 Kick net, Nitex® (500 μm)