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Modified Turtox Kick Net

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Here's a useful net with a larger rectangular frame and open cod end for attaching a bucket. In two mesh sizes, with a sturdy two-piece handle. You also need: bucket, guard rails and adaptor (see below). [USGS commonly uses 500 mL bucket with 504 mm stainless steel bolting cloth and guard rails]

Modified Bottom Kick Net 425-N53

• Mesh: EPA-recommended 500 mm Nitex®
• Other mesh sizes available - call for a prompt quote.
• Handle: 2-piece, 1524 mm; 32 mm diameter
• Frame: 335 x 508 mm (13 x 20”)
• Shroud: Bottom only
• Cod end: Open. 2-1/8” cod end or 3-1/2” cod end

Ordering Information:
Nets and Handles (Must order bucket and adaptor, below. Guard rails recommended.)
425-M53 500 μm, with 2-pc handle, 2-b” cod
425-N53 500 μm, with 2-pc handle3-1/2” cod

Replacement Nets
425-M50 Net only, 500 μm, for 2-b” cod
425-N50 Net only, 500 μm, 3-1/2” cod

Accessories for Modified Turtox® Nets
47-C60 Bucket, 200 mL, 504 μm mesh
47-D60 Bucket, 300 mL, 504 μm mesh
47-E60 Bucket, 500 mL, 504 μm mesh
48-C60 Adaptor, 2 b” cod, for 200/300 mL buckets
48-D62 Adaptor, 3-1/2” cod, for 200/300 mL buckets
48-D80 Adaptor, 3-1/2” cod, for 500 mL buckets
47-C99 Guard rails, 200 mL bucket, Pack 3
47-D99 Guard rails, 300 mL bucket, Pack 3
47-E99 Guard rails, 500 mL bucket, Pack 3
425-L10 Pliers, for installing net clips
425-L12 Net clips, stainless steel, Pack 100