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Modified Tapered Kick Net

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Modified Tapered Kick Net

Similar to Modified Kick Net except it has a closed end and no bucket.

Nets are 500 or 600 μm Nitex® with a 66” two-piece handle.

• Mouth: 305 x 508 mm (12 x 20”)
• Bag: 686 mm (27”) deep
• Handle: 2-piece, 1524 mm (60”), 32 mm (1-1/4”) diameter
• Shroud: Canvas, bottom only
• Mesh: 500 or 600 μm Nitex®
• Cod end: Closed

Ordering Information:
Net and Handle
425-P53 500 μm, 2-piece handle
425-P63 600 μm, 2-piece handle

Replacement Nets
425-P50 Net only, for above, 500 μm
425-P60 Net only, for above, 600 μm