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Wildco Surber Stream Bottom Sampler

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One of the best quantitative samplers for benthic invertebrates

Designed for shallow flowing rivers of moderate current with fine, loose sediments, its main advantages are portability and ease of use. The filtering area is large enough to insert your entire hand in order to remove specimens. Two pivoting solid stainless-steel frames and lockable brace latches hold the frames at right angles to each other. Net is of Nitex® bolt cloth with taffeta wings for durability.

Replacement nets are easier to install on new corrosion-resistant stainless steel frames.

Ship wt: 12 lbs. with case.

• 9” diameter where net collar meets net filter
• 24” long from collar to filter, folds flat for storage
• Open base encloses area of 12 x 12” (one square foot)
• Available in EPA-recommended 500 micron mesh
• Stainless steel frame for maximum corrosion resistance
• Includes: 910-G22 (large) case. Also available without case

Ordering Information:
Surber Stream Bottom Sampler with Case
12-C10 Surber Sampler, with case: 800/900µm Multifilament
12-C20 Surber Sampler, with case: 243um Nitex
12-C30 Surber Sampler, with case: 363µm Nitex
12-C50 Surber Sampler, with case: 500µm Nitex
12-C60 Surber Sampler, with case: 600µm Nitex
12-C80 Surber Sampler, with case: 1000µm Nitex

Surber Stream Bottom Sampler Only
12-C12 Surber Sampler, no case: 800/900µm Multifilament
12-C22 Surber Sampler, no case: 243um Nitex
12-C32 Surber Sampler, no case: 363µm Nitex
12-C52 Surber Sampler, no case: 500µm Nitex
12-C62 Surber Sampler, no case: 600µm Nitex
12-C82 Surber Sampler, no case: 1000µm Nitex