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Wildco Surber Sampler with Sleeve Kit

Surber Sampler with removable Dolphin bucket

The Surber sampler with sleeve kit is designed for small streams and light samples. The sample collects into the attached removable Dolphin bucket, leaving no need to rinse the entire net.

Our most popular Surber sampler with sleeve kit includes a 2-1/8" cod end; 200 ml Dolphin bucket (47-C60); 500 micron Nitex mesh net; Dolphin adaptor (48-C60) and case. Custom cod end, Dolphin bucket, and net sizes are available, call or e-mail with your requirements.

Replacement nets are easier to install on new corrosion-resistant stainless steel frames.

Ship wt: 12 lbs. with case.

• 9” diameter where net collar meets net filter
• 24” long from collar to filter, folds flat for storage
• Open base encloses area of 12 x 12” (one square foot)
• Available in EPA-recommended 500 micron mesh
• Stainless steel frame for maximum corrosion resistance
• Includes: 910-G22 (large) case.

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