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Wildco Stream Drift Nets

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These stationary nets, 39” long, sample organisms from shallow flowing waters such as streams, rivers and tidal creeks.

Used singly or side by side in series, at or below the surface, they capture organisms that have migrated or have been dislodged from bottom substrates into the current and are ideal in making cross section and aquatic life distribution studies. Drift organisms are critical to the stream ecosystem since they are food for fish. Use them in studies of fish population, pollutional stresses such as spills, or recolonisation of denuded areas.

Mouth opening is 300 x 460 mm.

Includes: 2 stakes and frame.

Ordering Information:
15-C10 Drift Net Complete: With frame, stakes 363µm Nitex/SS
15-C20 Drift Net, Adaptor, Bucket, Stakes: 363micron Nitex/SS
15-C30 Drift Net Complete: With frame, stakes 500µm Nitex/SS
15-C40 Drift Net Complete: With frame, stakes 600µm Nitex/SS
15-D18 Replacement SS stakes: Pack of two SS