Integrated Sediment Sampler – Non-Metallic

US DH-81 Non-Metallic Integrated Sampler

This depth integrating wading type sediment sampler is intended for trace metal, biological or sediment sampling during normal flow in small to medium-sized streams or through ice.

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The US DH-81 Sampler is available in both non-metallic and teflon/FEP varieties. It consists of an adaptor, cap with an internally moulded vent tube and 1/4″ nozzle, all of which are autoclavable. It also contains a 1 litre plastic or Teflon® bottle and 3-foot wading rod constructed of stainless steel.

Available two ways, in your choice of non-metallic plastic or Teflon FEP construction. (The stainless steel wading rod for the Teflon sampler is plastic-coated.)

Ordering Information:
308-D81 DH-81 Non-Metallic Integrated Sampler

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