Surfbee USV for ADCP Measurements

A step change in ADCP deployment.

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Flow Seeker

The daily driver and workhorse designed for a wide range of gauging sections. It’s maneuverable, portable, and can handle tricky situations. The inflatable hull allows for easy transportation, storage, and replacement.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.65m x 0.75m x 0.1m

  • Weight: 13.5kg (without batteries), includes M9 mounting hardware and camera

  • Max speed: 4m/s (3m/s cruise)

Payload options:

  • Custom Payload

  • Sontek RS5

  • Sontek S5

  • Sontek M9

Flow Finder

This vessel is designed specifically for Sontek RS5 deployment, taking advantage of the ADCP’s new form factor and depth range. It offers superior shallow water performance, propelled by three underwater thrusters, and features autonomous lateral movement for unparalleled vessel control in difficult conditions, such as windy, slow-moving irrigation channels.

Key specifications:

  • Dimensions: 1.2m x 0.7m x 0.1m

  • Weight: 10kg (without batteries), includes RS5 mounting hardware and camera

  • Max speed: 1.8 m/s forward, 0.8 m/s lateral (sideways)

  • Minimum depth: 0.14m


Standard Features

  • Inflatable hull for easy transportation, storage, and replacement

  • Real-time boat telemetry data, including battery level and GPS location

  • Common power tool battery compatibility

  • Waypoint navigation and programming via Surfbee App

  • Position hold (automatically holding position midstream)

  • Return to home via command or low battery

  • Long-range (1km) transmitter, dust and spray-proof with USB charging

  • Specific ADCP Surfbee App functions for autonomous gaugings, moving boat, and stationary method

Optional Features

  • Onboard camera(s) with live streaming to transmitter for situational awareness and gauge plate reading

  • RTK GPS output into RS5 from Surfbee Pod

  • Lidar for edge distance measurement

  • Clip-on wheel cart for long portages over flood plain or to the water’s edge

  • 4G connectivity for live updates to the internet, including boat navigation and 3rd party sensors

Autonomous Gauging

Take advantage of GPS autonomous gauging, Allowing the Hydrographer to concentrate on the data not the deployment.


  • Steering Redundancy

  • Position Hold Mid Stream

  • Common Battery

  • ADCP or Transducer

  • Specific Mounts.

  • Autonomous Transects (Moving Vessel and Stationary)

  • Waypoint Mission Planning (Bathymetric Survey)


  • Surfbee Powered ADCP

Flow Seeker Spec Sheet 

Surfbee Spec Sheet 

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