D-Opto Optical Dissolved Oxygen Logger

D-Opto Logger provides accurate dissolved oxygen and temperature measurements over long periods of time

The D-Opto Logger is a fully self contained dissolved oxygen logger, incorporating a ruthenium based Optical Dissolved Oxygen (DO) sensor, battery, and low power data logger in a rugged compact underwater housing. The D-Opto Logger uses a field-proven solid-state optical sensing system to measure dissolved oxygen that is highly stable over long periods of time, even in harsh conditions. The data is stored onboard in non-volatile memory. The D-Opto Logger is setup, and data offloaded using simple Windows based software, supplied with the instrument.


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Optical Sensor Technology
Unlike conventional dissolved oxygen sensors, the D-Opto Logger sensing element utilises fluorescence to measure dissolved oxygen. The basic principle involves subjecting a fluorescing compound (ruthenium) to a fixed wavelength of light. When the light source is removed, the compound emits a fluorescence, the intensity of which is dependent on the oxygen levels present in the surrounding water. An extremely stable electronic circuit has been designed to firstly excite the ruthenium and then measure the intensity of the resulting fluorescence, so the D-Opto Logger can provide accurate dissolved oxygen measurements over long periods of time (many months) without re-calibration.

Unlike conventional polarographic dissolved oxygen sensors, the optical method does not consume oxygen; consequently, the measurement of dissolved oxygen by the D-Opto Logger is unaffected by water movement.

The D-Opto Logger does not utilise a membrane or any other consumables, thus minimising servicing requirements.

Meets NEMS (National Environmental Monitoring Standards) for Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.

The D-Opto Logger is supplied with a communication cable. This cable has a 9 pin serial plug on one end, and a 3.5mm jack plug on the other end.

The 9 pin plug is plugged into the serial plug on the PC. If the PC does not have a serial port, a USB to serial adaptor can be used. This adaptor plugs into the USB port on the PC, and has a serial port that the communication cable 9 pin plug can be plugged into.

The jack plug on the cable is plugged into the communication socket, and is accessed by removing the D-Opto Logger’s end cap.

Logging Endurance
Circular or Wrap Around logging options.

If the D-Opto Logger is set to circular memory, the possible effective length of deployment will be limited by the life of the batteries. This will depend on the logging interval, and the quality of batteries used. Typically the power endurance should exceed 30 days for all logging intervals.

If the D-Opto Logger memory mode is set to “Stop logging when memory is full”, the unit stops logging.

The best optical dissolved oxygen logger on the planet.

Ordering Information:
D-02 – D Opto Logger includes: communications cable, o-ring kit, PC software, manual and battery.


Weight 2 kg
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