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VacuMan Pump

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VacuMan Pump used for filtering desiccation and any application where vacuum is needed

Manual pump that can generate a vacuum or pressure independent of a power supply. Suction pressure to 815 mbar. Maintenance-free, self-lubricating, substantial corrosion-resistance. Connection for hoses with 6 mm internal diameter, available in PVC.

• With or without pressure gauge
• Sampling set with suction hose and sample container
• Adapter set for tubing from to 1 mm

Ordering Information:

VacuMan air pump
Vacuum 815 mbar
5620-1180 Stroke 18 ml with pressure gauge Material PVC
5620-1360 Stroke 32 ml with pressure gauge Material PVC
5620-0360 Stroke 32 ml NO pressure gauge Material PVC

VacuMan – pressure and vacuum pump
Vacuum 815 mbar, Max. pressure 1.5 bar
5620-2180 Stroke 18 ml with pressure gauge Material PVC



5620-0010 Adapter set
5620-0020 Drawing off set, hose and collection container