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CON 1500 Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS Bench Meter- SUPERSEDED BY CON2700

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The CyberScan CON 1500 provides microprocessor precision in a compact bench top design that is easy to use. This meter allows you to measure Conductivity, Resistivity and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Select cell constants, temperature coefficients, normalised temperature, TDS factor and temperature units. Replatinise your conductivity probe It all adds up to rapid, completely automatic, intuitive operation.

CON1500 Measures Conductivity / Total Dissolved Solids / Resistivity / Temperature

High-end conductivity measurement in the laboratory is simple with Eutech’s CyberScan CON 1500. Featuring auto-standardisation, auto-calibration and auto-ranging capabilities, the bench meter accepts 2-cell and 4-cell electrodes, giving you a broad range of measurement at ±0.5 % full scale accuracy. Meter comes with bi-directional RS232 capabilities for two-way communication with computer or printer, and a complimentary Data Acquisition Software (DAS) that allows you to work on meter remotely via your computer.

• Choose between the convenient auto-calibration with preset calibration values, or manual multi-point calibration for greater flexibility and precision

• Standardisation is a breeze – meter features auto-standardisation, allowing you to detect the exact cell constant value of your electrodes with a button pressed

• Monitoring efficiency of your probe is easy with the Effective Cell Constants Display

• Built-in replatinising circuit – quick, hassle-free replatinisation in 5 minutes

• Meter comes with 4-cell electrode with built-in ATC – no need for separate ATC electrode

• Environmental studies
• Chemical laboratories
• Quality assurance testing
• Food science
• Ecological studies
• Education institution

Ordering Information:
CON ECCON150043S CyberScan CON 1500 Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/RS232 Meter with DAS, RS232C Cable, 4-Cell Conductivity Electrode EC620165, Integral Electrode Holder & Universal Power Adapter (US, UK, EUR, Japan)

CON ECCON150040S CyberScan CON 1500 Conductivity/TDS/Resistivity/RS232 Meter Only with DAS, RS232C Cable, Integral Electrode Holder & Universal Power Adapter (US, UK, EUR, Japan)