47mm Polysulfone Holder

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Polysulfone funnel, base, and receiver
Polypropylene support screen and vacuum adapter
Silicone rubber O-rings and stopper
Gum rubber caps

Filter size: 47 mm
Pre-filter size: 42.5 mm
Filtration area: 13.5 cm2

Connections: All models come with a No. 8B stopper which mounts in a standard 1 litre filtering flask or the standard cup of any Advantec MFS filtering manifold. The KP-47S also comes with its own receiving flask, which can be used with all other funnel units.

Funnel cover and receiver ports are female luer slip.
Pressure: Maximum vacuum, 25 inches Hg

Ordering Information:
KP-47H Advantec 47mm Polysulfone Filter Holder

Weight 5 kg
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