K-B Core Sampler

K-B® Core Sampler

This design incorporates improvements by Dr. R. O. Brinkhurst, Institute of Ocean Sciences, specifically for obtaining quantitative samples of fast-moving Tubificidae. Because the valve is locked open during descent, there is minimal frontal wave or warning to fauna at the water/bottom interface. Messenger-operated, it is under your full control: you can keep it open until you are ready to sample. For harder bottoms, use the heavy-duty version.

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A stainless steel cable fits into a closing trip mechanism at the top of the head assembly. When a messenger strikes the trip lever, a neoprene valve drops and seals the core tube under the head assembly. A suction, formed between the top valve and the core sample, creates a partial vacuum inside the core tube as the sampler is raised.

This partial vacuum helps hold the sample in the core or liner tube, and the core catcher helps prevent wash-out from the bottom.

• Stainless steel head assembly.
• 20” stainless steel core tube
• Medium K-B weighs: 7 kg, Ship wt: 35 lbs.
• Heavy K-B weighs: 16 kg, Ship wt: 56 lbs.
• Also available separately, without case

Ordering Information:

2400-B20 KB® Corer, Medium Kit
2401-B20 KB® Corer, Heavy Kit
Include: 2 nosepieces (2449-A11); 2 liners/caps (2447-C21); 3 core catchers (2449-B13); cable (61-B14); case (910-G34); messenger (45-B10)

K-B® Conversion Base
Convert a medium K-B® Corer to a heavy – or vice versa – by exchanging the head assembly bases. Heavy base is 13.6 kg, 152 mm in diameter and 152 mm tall. Medium base is 3.6 kg, 152 mm in diameter and 50 mm tall.
2402-E97 Heavy Base (medium to heavy)
2402-E99 Medium Base (heavy to medium)

K-B® Stabilising Fin Harness the force of gravity! With this, the K-B® can be dropped from 2-10 m. The fin holds the corer upright so it strikes squarely. It stabilises all core tubes longer than 508 mm and fits medium and heavy corers. 273 mm diameter, 203 mm high. Wt: 7 lbs
2402-E17 Stabilising Fin (for medium/heavy)

Accessories and replacement parts:
61-B14 Cable, stainless steel, 100 ft
45-B10 Messenger
2449-A11 Lexan® nosepiece
910-G34 Carry case
2447-C21 Liner tube with end caps, 20”, each
2447-C28 Liner tube with end caps, 20”, Pack 12
2449-B13 Eggshell™ core catchers, Pack 3
2448-E35 Core sample removal tool
66-C10 Winch
66-C52 Winch mount with clamp
2400-D15 Head assembly only, medium K-B®
2401-D15 Head assembly only, heavy K-B®

Core Sample Removal Tool
2448-E35 for 2 x 20” and 2 x 36” corer
2448-E55 for 2 x 48” corer

All Wildco® corers have interchangeable parts. This “building block” concept relies on the uniform use of coarse pipe thread. This thread provides an extremely reliable way to connect core tubes to sampling heads and nosepieces. While by their very nature these threads can become dirty and jam, they can be rinsed in water and used again. No pipe wrenches needed – a boon in the field.

Wildco® hand and Ogeechee™ corers are designed to be lowered on a taut line or cable into the substrate. They are not designed to be dropped because they are top-heavy and can easily tip over. While some customers tell us they obtain a good sample by a free drop on a loose line up to 7-10 m, to accomplish this you must keep the sampler entirely in water, still and vertical when dropped. This cannot be attempted using bricks or cement blocks as weights due to the need to keep the core tube balanced and vertical.

Weight 35 kg
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