InsiteIG MPA-48 Multi-Parameter Analyzer

IIG MPA-48 Multi-Channel monitoring system- any combination of optical dissolved oxygen, inferred suspended solids, pH, or ORP up to eight sensors

The MPA-48 Multi-Parameter Analyser comes standard with 4 channel for the continuous measurement of dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, pH and/or ORP in an aqueous solution. It can be easily upgraded to handle up to 8 channels with the addition of daughter boards and sensors.

The microprocessor-based electronics of the MPA-48 analyser provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. The instrument is designed to operate with any combination of InsiteIG sensors in a variety of applications.

The DO sensor to be used with this analyser is an optical type sensor that measures the fluorescence and quenching reactions of a ruthenium complex that is immobilised in a sol-gel matrix. The SS sensor operates on the principle of single gap light absorption as a means of detecting the presence of suspended solids. The pH and ORP sensors are flat glass electrodes.

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The MPA-48 has a graphical LCD display that is backlit and UV protected. There are two lines per sensor for standard sensor information. The top line displays the channel number, and temperature for DO, pH, and ORP sensors. The bottom line displays sensor type, reading, and units of the sensor.

The Insite IG Model MPA48 multi-channel analyser is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with solid-state optical sensors. The analyser will accept any combination of 4 to 8 sensors, (DO, SS, pH, and ORP) and automatically configure for the correct operation. The system allows for flexible and economical process monitoring and control.

The MPA-48 will automatically recognize the sensor type (DO, SS, pH, or ORP) and configure itself for proper operation. The DO sensor will come factory calibrated and ready for use. The SS sensor is zeroed at the factory, and comes with a default calibration curve. The pH electrode is factory calibrated with its holder, and the ORP electrode is matched with its holder. To utilize factory calibrations for SS and pH, sensors must be connected to the analyzer and channel indicated per the “Factory Sensor Configuration” label located on the analyzer. Custom sensor configuration is available upon request.

The Optical DO sensor does not need sensor caps, membranes, fill solutions, nor routine calibrations and maintenance. The SS sensor is based on near infrared technology, which eliminates inaccuracies caused by changes in the process color or changes in particle size. The pH sensor is flat glass / double reference junction temperature compensated construction with embedded electronics for reliable digital communications. The ORP sensor is flat surface platinum / double reference junction construction with embedded electronics for reliable digital communications.

The MPA 48 Analyser handles up to 8 sensors allowing one box to control all your aeration or wastewater control needs. With standard digital outputs the MPA 48 is future-proof for new installations.

MPA 48 Specifications
Measuring Range
DO — 0 to 25 ppm
SS — 0 to 30,000 mg/l
pH — 2 to 12 pH
ORP- +/- 2000mV

DO — 1% of reading or .05 ppm, whichever is greater
SS — 3% of reading Sensitivity / Resolution DO — .01 ppm below 4.00, .1 ppm above 4.0
SS — 1 mg/l below 1000 mg/l, 10 mg/l between 1,000 and 9,999 mg/l, 100 mg/l above 10,000 mg/l

DO — .01 ppm
SS — +/- 1%

Sensor Drift
DO & SS — Less than 1% per year

Temperature Range
DO & SS — 0 to 60 degrees C
pH & ORP — 10 to 100 degrees C

Response Time 95% in less than 60 seconds
Sensor Check Automatic self diagnostics

Up to 8 Opto-isolated 4-20 milliamp (one for each channel)
Optically isolated RS-485 Modbus
RS-232 serial
Up to 8 dry contact 10 amp relay setpoints (one for each channel)
1 alarm relay
1 clean relay
Memory Backup Yes

Display Backlit graphical LCD display with UV protection
Contrast adjustment via keypad
Continuously displays all channels
Sensor Cable Length 33 feet standard (optional lengths up to 2000 ft)
Ambient Temperature minus 20 degrees C to 70 degrees C
Ambient Humidity 0 to 100 percent
Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X
Wetted Materials Epoxy, polyurethane, glass, and PVC
Maximum Pressure 100 psi

Ordering Information:
MPA-48 MPA-48 analyser – comes standard with I/O for four sensors (additional I/O daughter boards are available below). Each channel has isolated 4-20 milliamp and set-point relay. All active channels displayed continuously on backlit display.

Sensor Options:

Dissolved Oxygen 

Suspended Solids 





Weight 10 kg
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